About Us

Amal Tanagho, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Tanagho is originally from Cairo, Egypt, where she attained her medical degree and has since been practicing in the United States for over two decades, most of which being in and around psychiatry and chemical dependency.


Through her career she has amounted to many things including multiple fellowships as well as faculty appointments with The Yale University School of Medicine among other prestigious institutions, board memberships with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology & The American Board of Addiction Medicine.


Dr. Tanagho is passionate about the field of Psychiatry, specifically addiction psychiatry, as it pertains to how brain chemistry, along with environmental factors & life events, affect people’s lives. It’s fascinating and very rewarding to her how much the right treatment can result in wonderful outcomes for individuals. She loves working with patients who struggle with addiction problems because of this and finds that walking side by side with them in their individual journey in recovery is incredibly fulfilling.


When Dr. Tanagho isn’t walking hand-in-hand with her clients, she enjoys singing (life-long hobby since she was a girl), and staying active by taking advantage of the beautiful waters around her in California and distance swimming! Dr. Tanagho’s passion for life and helping those around her brings a unique skill-set with decades of experience to the Framework Recovery team.