About Us

Christian Tiedge

Case Manager & Group Facilitator 


Christian grew up in Washington DC and completed a degree in Economics from the University of South Carolina at the top of his class. He excelled in the corporate environment post-graduation back in the DC area, and found enjoyment in working closely with individuals on a professional level. However, building partnerships with clients to increase business functioning and productivity was not as rewarding as he had hoped.


Having struggled with mental health and addiction issues for the majority of his life, and lacking the fulfillment, purpose, and relationships he desired, he decided to seek treatment for substance use disorder in his late twenties.


After completing treatment, stacking up a few consecutive years of sobriety, and helping others work towards achieving long term sobriety, Christian decided that he wanted to create a life around helping and working with others on a more personal level.


He is currently on the tail end of pursuing a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University, and has held multiple positions at various treatment facilities over the last 5 years and hopes to see individuals grow into, and create the lives for themselves that they have always wanted. Christian believes strongly the small, intimate setting of Framework Recovery is critical for men finding long term solution in their lives.