About Noble


Hello!! I’m so excited to be here, I’m Noble.  Im an 8yo Border Collie Corgi rescue and I absolutely love what I do.  Troy, one of the co-founders, is my Dad and he takes me everywhere, mostly because I throw a giant fit if I’m not in his car… or any car for that matter… I love car rides.  Currently, I oversee day to day operations at Framework’s Sober Living which includes: getting belly rubs, bringing the ball to anyone with a pulse because I LOVE BALL, cleaning up after clients are done eating, making sure they’re up on time by jumping in bed with them, and keeping the guys safe from intruders/mailman/amazon drivers.   I love being there for the guys when they’re having a tough time sharing and emotions are high.  Guys seem to really love having me around the house because I’m always there to greet them at the door when they get back, and it makes sober living feel that much more like home.  Please stop by anytime to visit and give me belly rubs, I’ll be the one making the most noise!!