About Lucy And Sedona

Lucy and Sedona

Hello! We are Lucy & Sedona! Our dad, Chris, says we’re sisters but we’re not sure… but OH BOY are we a dynamic duo!


I’m Lucy! I’m a 4 year old Italian Greyhound and I love coming to work with Dad and quietly slinking around the office and surprising everyone with face kisses, especially when snacks are involved! I love to snuggle in laps when anyone is sitting down. I like to go on walks during my breaks (Dad doesn’t give me many!) with staff and clients so I can be in the warm sun!


And I’m Sedona! I’m the biggest but youngest of the team! I’m a two-year old Shiloh Shepherd. Everyone thinks I’m big and scary at first but I’m mostly fluff and sunshine Dad says. I really like patrolling the office, saying hi to everyone, and I LOVE when the guys play tug of war with me! They always let me win!