Sober Living

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How To Build Sober Living Skills After Treatment?

Accepting there is a problem and taking the step toward treatment is the beginning of the road to recovery. Not only can this be an extremely memorable moment, but it also can feel life changing. Committing to treatment and weathering the various emotions that inevitably...

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Top 3 Life Skills You Cannot Live Without

Just as every skill you learn throughout the recovery process is important, it is essential to develop simple life skills. Understanding how to cope with your emotions, prevent relapse, and manage cravings are all commonly covered through addiction recovery; however, focusing on life skills is...

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Sober Living With Accountability

You may have heard the term "accountable" when listening to the news or reading about the government's responsibility to its citizens. Having accountability means you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions and the outcome that follows.  Learning to hold yourself accountable can be challenging,...