The Golden Gate Bridge

A Guide To Staying Sober in California

Cities in California such as Los Angeles and San Diego are known for their extensive social scenes, especially in downtown areas that offer a wide selection of bars and clubs. These amenities are enjoyed by the local population and a high volume of tourists. Additionally,...

Group of men hiking in the mountains.

How To Build Sober Living Skills After Treatment?

Accepting there is a problem and taking the step toward treatment is the beginning of the road to recovery. Not only can this be an extremely memorable moment, but it also can feel life changing. Committing to treatment and weathering the various emotions that inevitably...

A young man standing in an alley by himself.

What Comes Next After SUD Relapse?

Recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) is often a long uphill battle. In an ideal world, you would come out of treatment a completely new person and go on to live a struggle-free life. However, it often isn't that simple. Real life can be stressful, lonely,...