Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of success should a guest look for? 

After receiving successful treatment at Framework Recovery, a guest should expect to learn how to lead a fulfilling, happy, sustainable, sober lifestyle.


  • Does this treatment teach their guests life and coping skills?

Through our different services, including individual and group therapy, as well as living in our Sober Living Home, our guests will learn life and coping skills that will help them even after their treatment.


  • Are the staff credentialed? 

All clinical staff at Framework Recovery are licensed and credentialed.


  • Does the treatment program deal with co-occurring mental health issues? 

At Framework Recovery, we will have counselors and therapists to help with co-occurring mental health issues.  


  • Will this treatment center include the family?

Family is important and is potentially the reason our guest is here. Family members will be able to learn about their loved one’s treatment, prevention and how best to support them after their treatment.


  • What should a guest expect at the end of their treatment? 

After successful treatment, a guest will learn how to have a sustained sober life, and he will have built a support group to help him through.

What Is
Life Like in a Sober Living Home?


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As our guests complete their individualized treatment plan, they will begin to learn how to live a life in long-term recovery. To sustain long-term recovery, individuals will need to learn how to become be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, have a purpose and build a strong network of people who will support them in their recovery.


Building this foundation and maintaining it can set a guest on the path that will encourage them to stay sober. We have found, through personal and professional experience, that the four pillars (a SAMHSA concept): home, health, purpose and community, are essential to recovering, healing and leading a fulfilling sober life.