Relapse Prevention Strategy and Sober Living Skills

Our founders, Christopher Curran and Troy Smith, have been through recovery. Through their journey, they found some tips to remain sober once back in the real world.


  • Create a strong support network: Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help you stay sober like recovery clubs, sober clubs and sober sports teams.
  • Create lists and set goals: Achieving small goals, even though sometimes silly like making your bed in the morning, can subconsciously give you self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment – all crucial emotions to build in early recovery.
  • Find ways to have fun: During this time, it’s also important to go try new things! Try surfing, rock climbing, cooking or ceramics – you never know what may spark a passion in you!
  • Establish a routine and be consistent: By having a consistent routine, you effectively anchor yourself around certain things, which help ground you and can bring you back into balance.
  • Pause throughout your day: When you have strong emotions – anger, fear, excitement, whatever – stop for a moment and ask yourself where they are coming from, and use the tools you’ve learned to bring yourself back into balance.
  • Start and end your day with gratitude: Stay in the positive – we addicts and alcoholics tend to live in the negative – nothing ever seems good enough, or we always see the negative but never the positive – this will poison your mind and inevitably lead to you wanting and then needing an escape through substances.

How to Maintain Your New Life in Recovery:
Life in a Sober Living Home


What to Expect in an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program


As our guests complete their individualized treatment plan, they will begin to learn how to live a life in long-term recovery. To sustain long-term recovery, individuals will need to learn how to become be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, have a purpose and build a strong network of people who will support them in their recovery.


Building this foundation and maintaining it can set a guest on the path that will encourage them to stay sober. We have found, through personal and professional experience, that the four pillars (a SAMHSA concept): home, health, purpose and community, are essential to recovering, healing and leading a fulfilling sober life.


To learn more about the four pillars of a sustainable, sober life, download our guidebook below, The Framework for Life: Recover, Heal and Lead a Fulfilling Sober Life.