Exploring the World of Sobriety

Two men laugh and eat on pier.

Exploring the World of Sobriety

The word sobriety has a stigma of being dull or boring. Perhaps it conjures up images of sitting around alone or limiting your social life to seeing movies or going to church socials. Maybe the idea of sobriety makes you long for all of the things you used to do before you were sober. If these are your only views of sobriety, you are unnecessarily limiting yourself. When you are sober, you actually have more freedom to find new friends and activities and more freedom to explore the world.

Debunking the “Boring” Stigma Around Sobriety

The stigma that sobriety is boring is based on a fallacy created in part by the marketing of alcohol companies. In the advertisements for alcohol products, people are depicted as having the time of their lives because they are drinking. While it is true that substances can produce certain short-term effects and help to remove inhibitions, these advertisements do not accurately depict the entire drinking experience, including the adverse effects, behaviors, and consequences. More importantly, the advertising fails to address the addictive nature of the products, which can interfere with and limit your ability to function.

The marketed world of “fun” that substance use is portrayed as creating does not actually exist. Instead, that world is quite limiting and can be very painful for both you and those around you. The world of sobriety, on the other hand, can be whatever you make of it. The fun you have while sober is authentic and lasting and does not carry the consequences of addiction. Sober fun does not alter or limit your mental or physical ability to function, which creates limitless possibilities.

The Freedom Sobriety Brings

Being sober brings you a world full of new opportunities. You are no longer stuck in the same habits with the same people, going to the same places to drink or do drugs all the time. You can choose whom you wish to spend time with, where you want to go, and what you want to do, and you can mix it up at any time. Your addiction no longer limits you.

You are also no longer limited to your own little world. Sobriety gives you the freedom to interact with others, interact with the world around you, and participate in life. You can ask for help, and you can support and help others. You can make new friends and be a friend to others. You can find new ways to enjoy the outdoors, and you can help to heal the environment you live in. This new freedom helps you feel alive and connected to others and the world around you.

New Sober Activities to Explore This Summer

As you are learning to explore the world around you in sobriety this summer, consider finding new activities that help to ignite your passions and help you feel more alive. These could include activities like:

  • Learn to cook new foods or try new types of food
  • Try a new type of exercise or sport
  • Find a new local beach, hiking spot, or other destination each week
  • Volunteer in the community, such as at a beach or wetlands cleanup, pet shelter, or an alumni or recovery program
  • Make time for fun–allocate time each week or even each day to relax, spend time with friends, or do fun activities, and do not let life interfere 
  • Spend time with animals, like cats, dogs, or horses
  • Walk, bicycle, or skate to commute to work, school, or other appointments
  • Make a point to meet new people weekly or even daily if possible
  • Change a habit–choose one small daily habit you want to improve or change
  • Spend a good amount of time outdoors weekly or even daily
  • Find time for that thing you have always wanted to do, whether a one-time activity, a hobby, or learning a new skill

Exploring the Great Unknowns of Sobriety

The world of sobriety is filled with unknown possibilities. There are new people to meet, new friendships to forge, and new experiences to enjoy. You may not like everyone you meet, and you may not like every new activity you attempt, but finding new people and activities you enjoy will help you feel alive and can even change the trajectory of your life.

Sobriety removes the limits that addiction creates and allows you to be free to find what truly brings you joy. In addition to creating new healthy habits and routines to support your sobriety, you can explore new opportunities and find new passions that help you not only live but thrive.