For Loved Ones

Is your loved one running out of time due to a substance use disorder?

Unfortunately, addiction impacts everyone, not just the person suffering from SUD. And it takes a village to get and stay sober.

Whether your loved one’s time is running out due to impending jail time or their SUD is pushing them toward an overdose/death–just know that there is another option. Recovery.


Our outpatient services, which include partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient programming (OP), monitoring, counseling and sober living homes (SLH), can provide your loved one with a safe and comfortable place to learn how to maintain a sustainable, sober lifestyle.


Depending on your loved one’s situation, they will go through our treatment process with various support teams including case management teams, peer recovery coaches and counselors/ therapists. When your loved one enters treatment, there is a possibility that they will not want to communicate with you during this time. We are HIPPA compliant, and it is important to us to maintain trust with our guests. It is our goal to encourage positive family dynamics by informing caregivers of how their loved one is doing; however, until your loved one is ready to receive you, we can not provide you with information. To learn more about our SLH and outpatient treatment process, including family programming, click through to our other in-depth guidebooks.

How to Maintain Your New Life in Recovery:
Life in a Sober Living Home


What to Expect in an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program


As our guests complete their individualized treatment plan, they will begin to learn how to live a life in long-term recovery. To sustain long-term recovery, individuals will need to learn how to become be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, have a purpose and build a strong network of people who will support them in their recovery.


Building this foundation and maintaining it can set a guest on the path that will encourage them to stay sober. We have found, through personal and professional experience, that the four pillars (a SAMHSA concept): home, health, purpose and community, are essential to recovering, healing and leading a fulfilling sober life.


To learn more about the four pillars of a sustainable, sober life, download our guidebook below, The Framework for Life: Recover, Heal and Lead a Fulfilling Sober Life.