How Addiction Affects Everyone: Tom Holland’s Story

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How Addiction Affects Everyone: Tom Holland’s Story

Addiction can affect anyone from just about any background. Therefore, not everyone’s story is the same, so alcoholism can be difficult to understand. Different risk factors can play a role in developing alcohol addiction. Take Tom Holland’s story for example. He is a famous celebrity most commonly known for his role in “Spiderman”. From an outside perspective, life may seem wholesome for a movie star! Diving deep into his addiction tells us something different. Many individuals may feel overwhelmed by alcohol addiction. Prolonged alcoholism can negatively impact an individual’s life if left untreated. Many individuals may find staying abstinent from drinking alcohol can significantly improve their quality of life.

Who Is More Likely to Develop an Alcohol Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), when an individual is having extreme difficulty discontinuing alcohol use, this can be clinically referred to as alcohol use disorder (AUD). Having an impaired ability to limit or control alcohol consumption despite knowing the serious health consequences can significantly disrupt an individual’s life.  

Although genetic, social, and environmental factors play a role in developing alcoholism, the risk of advancing AUD is strongly based on an individual’s overall behavior. It is important to note that binge drinking for a long period can often lead to the development of AUD. An individual may be more likely to develop this condition depending on a few different common characteristics. For example, how: 

  • Much the individual drinks alcohol
  • Often the individual drinks alcohol
  • Quickly the individual consumes alcohol

Tom Holland’s Story of AUD

During an interview with Jay Shetty, Tom Holland’s story about his mental health challenges with alcohol was shared. Holland was comfortable admitting he had a problem with drinking. He did not one day just wake up with alcohol addiction. His tolerance to alcohol was high due to drinking for a prolonged period. 

Holland openly shared that it was not a said-and-done decision to quit drinking too. It took him some time, but eventually, by 2022, he abstained fully from drinking alcohol. By then, he opened up about the cause of this drinking to help such individuals find hope and relief through his story. He stated there was a lot of pressure from peers to drink in his studio environment. The nature of his work, the acting field, involved a lot of heavy drinking. 

How Does Alcohol Addiction Make One Feel?

The cycle of alcohol addiction can bring a whirlwind of emotions. Alcoholism can be very difficult for an individual to manage. If left untreated, AUD can ultimately consume one’s life.

Tom Holland’s alcohol addiction was very distracting for him. During his battle with addiction, his primary focus was turning to alcohol any chance he would get. It seemed all he could think about was the next given moment he could devour another alcoholic beverage. First thing in the morning he would think about pouring a drink. He would daydream about drinking alcohol throughout the day. Holland would repetitiously check the clock for his lunch break just to drink his next cold beer. His thought patterns related to consuming alcohol eventually intimidated him. Respectively, Tom Holland felt intensely enslaved to alcohol. 

Long-Term Effects of Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction can severely impact an individual’s ability to maintain healthy relationships, achieve academic progress, or effectively perform in their workplace. As stated previously, the act of drinking alcohol comes with many short-term risks to one’s health. Alternatively, the development of AUD can increase one’s risks of experiencing advanced mental and physical health effects. An individual is more prone to developing serious and chronic diseases. Significant long-term health risks may include: 

  • Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, liver disease, and a stroke
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Compromised immune system
  • Memory problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions

What Can We Learn From Tom Holland’s Story?

Just five months after Tom Holland made the choice to stop drinking, he found immediate relief. By June 1st, Holland discovered he was the happiest he had ever been in his lifetime. His sleep quality was significantly improved. Holland found that conflict resolution was more easily achievable. For instance, if something went wrong on set when filming, he was able to take it in stride rather than easily be set off. He developed a higher level of mental stability overall, which motivated him to continue the sober lifestyle.  

Surrendering to treatment and choosing to stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol can provide many mental and physical benefits to one’s health, just like Tom Holland’s story. Practicing a healthy self-care routine in combination with the unique tools learned in treatment can help one maintain long-term sobriety. Using sober living skills and staying consistent with a structured routine can enhance an individual’s ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Although it can be challenging for many individuals to overcome alcoholism, everyone deserves a chance to safely heal and recover from addiction.