Useful Guide To Having a Very Sober Summer

Group of three men hanging out and having fun.

Useful Guide To Having a Very Sober Summer

Summer is nearly upon us, and with the least amount of COVID-19 restrictions in place that we have seen for over two years, being social and still being sober may be particularly challenging this year. Especially if this is your very first summer being sober, you may need some new ideas and activities for being social and avoiding triggers and temptations to use substances again. Sobriety does not have to be boring; you can have a very sober–and fun – summer.

Be True to Your New Self

This summer will be like no other summer before. Not only because we finally seem to be over the social distancing but also because you get to have a very sober summer. Some people may think that sounds prohibitive, but actually, you have more freedom than you did in active addiction. You no longer need substances to have a good time—you can have fun anywhere, any time, and without the consequences that come with substance use.

You have worked so hard to get to this point, so it will be important to be true to your new self. Your sobriety is more important than slipping back into old habits or old friends. You have the chance to discover a new way to experience life by being true to yourself.

Don’t Tempt Fate: Find Sober Friends

The first rookie mistake people make in sobriety is hanging out with old friends or going to old hangouts. You do not need to tempt fate. Find new sober friends who will support you in your recovery and who will actually be fun to hang out with. You do not need to learn for yourself why people who drink do not like hanging around people who are sober and vice versa. They are two different lifestyles, and you have chosen a new lifestyle.

Be Willing to Try New Things

You can also choose to try new things. You can try new foods, new hobbies, new activities, new places to go, new people to hang out with—the possibilities are endless. You do not have to like everything that you try, but you might find that you like things you never thought you would have, such as an early morning beach run or learning a new sport. You may also be surprised at how many people you meet who are also sober and looking to have fun, just like you.

Having Fun Under the Sun

There is no limit to activities in Southern California in the summer. Just a few ideas for fun things to do by yourself, with a friend, or with a group of friends during the day:

  • Play dodgeball, kickball, or another “kid” sport
  • Explore the local tidepools
  • Take horseback riding lessons
  • Find a new hiking spot, maybe one with caves or a waterfall
  • Take surf lessons
  • Go on a harbor cruise
  • Go kayaking
  • Play volleyball at the beach with friends
  • Volunteer at an outdoor event
  • Have a picnic breakfast, brunch, or lunch at a park or anywhere outdoors
  • Build a sandcastle or collect shells at the beach like when you were a kid
  • Take golf or tennis lessons
  • Play frisbee at the beach or frisbee golf at a park
  • Go paintballing
  • Have a barbecue and then an old-fashioned water balloon fight

Summer Nights to Remember

Being social during the summer is especially fun at night. However, you do not need to have a drink in your hand to have fun; there are plenty of sober activities to do with other people, especially here in Orange County.

  • Watch a movie outdoors with friends
  • Have a sober dance party
  • Go mini-golfing
  • Watch the grunion run at the beach
  • Go night fishing at the pier with friends
  • Have a picnic dinner and watch local summer fireworks
  • Go bowling (try bowling backward or with your weaker hand for fun)
  • Have a photo scavenger hunt of local landmarks with friends
  • Have a progressive dinner, with a different course at each location
  • Have a board game night with friends
  • Learn to bake or cook a new dish with friends
  • Visit an observatory or use a telescope to look at the stars
  • Have a musical jam session or listening party with friends
  • Pizza and sports night, everyone brings a pizza topping to make pizza and watch a game

Have the Time of Your Life

You can find other sober people through social networking, support meetings, and getting out and looking. You do not have to sit at home alone to stay sober; you can have the time of your life and meet plenty of new people, too. Most importantly, while you are sober, you can make lasting memories and build important friendships that will help you stay on your recovery journey. Have a very sober summer!