How to Manage Your Time During COVID-19

How to Manage Your Time During COVID-19

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has people experiencing something new every day. Now, we’re all asked to maintain social distancing and to shelter in place. The idea of isolation from human contact has many people spinning their heads, thinking about what to do to keep themselves productive.

For those who are in the midst of recovery, in a treatment program or even if you have a loved one in recovery or treatment, this impacts the support system we all use. Continue below to learn more about how to manage your time during COVID-19 in a productive way.


As we know, almost everything is conducted online in some capacity; this includes therapy sessions, 12-step meetings and more. Our traditional schedule constantly changes. Many members of our team worked hard to create this. As you try to piece together a new schedule along with things to keep in mind and activities that you enjoy, this should continue to help you through this pandemic.

For example, meditation or yoga are peaceful ways for those struggling with anxiety, depression or isolation to alleviate those feelings. Yoga and meditation videos are available online for free. These activities are helpful, not only internally, but physically too. The gym, for some, is a steady part of their routine. For those looking to stay fit, there is an excess of workout videos online as well; you should add exercise and opportunity for a mental break to your schedule.

For those in recovery, or even those looking to make a change, there are numerous 12-step meetings, as well as other support groups, available online and easy to access; this allows for some face to face contact with others. While it’s not the same as physical touch, being able to actually see the person’s face helps to remember your connection to them. It also aids in continuous growth towards a positive support group while knowing that there are others out there struggling with this as well.

While we can’t go to the gym, we’re still able to get outside. Go for a walk or a run, walk your dog several times a day (if you have one), take a blanket and sit in the grass or read a book while sitting outside. When you’re talking to others, or even working from home, do what you can outside, weather permitting.

One of the more challenging aspects of this pandemic is that many people can’t be with their families or friends. This time can be used to create memories with them via video chat apps, emails, texts, etc. Fortunately, we’re in a time where the abilities for communication allow us to still see the person we’re talking to.


During this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all trying to find something to do to pass the time.  Creating a new schedule for yourself is the best thing we can do. There are a lot of options available, we just have to be willing to try something new and get creative.

You’re not alone, you’re far from it. You have a whole team of people here for you and who are willingly ready to support you. Please, if you have any questions or are in need of help during this unfortunate time, don’t hesitate to contact us at Framework Recovery: 949-342-423.