Is Residential Addiction Treatment Right For You?

young man is praying for help in his recovery for a sober life away from addcition.

Is Residential Addiction Treatment Right For You?

When we start the process of getting sober, most of us go through detox.  This can last anywhere from one to seven or more days. After detox, where do we go?  Do we return home and hope that we can do it on our own? Returning to the same day to day without a supportive network or skills results in a familiar outcome of substance abuse.

The next step is determining if a treatment program is the best option for you. This big decision is for someone who is trying to fix their life. They are not only attempting to get sober, they are trying to fix their entire life and everything that has spiraled out of control for years.

Consider the four most important factors when deciding if addiction treatment is the best option for you:

  • Your level of sobriety and quality of home life:  When deciding if the treatment program is right for you, where you are in terms of your sobriety and life matters.  If you are able to say your home life contributes to your daily use, then the answer is yes, residential treatment is what’s best.
  • Working a full-time job:  Many of us have full-time jobs, so it is perceived that we cannot up and leave, right? Wrong -most companies understand the need for someone to be in a program for 20-30 days and offer long-term disability for certain situations. It is possible to go through treatment without focusing on missing work.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone and into recovery:  Treatment allows for us to be away from the stresses of our daily lives that led us to using substances previously.  You are taken out of your comfort zone and forced to look at the world differently. You start to develop coping skills for dealing with situations instead of resorting to substance abuse.
  • Recovery in a safe environment:  We learn how to deal with these situations in a safe environment without drugs, so that when we are presented with drugs or have the possibility of drugs around us, we are less likely to want them or need them, because we can handle the situation ourselves and don’t feel the need to get high or drunk to block it out.
  • True purpose of residential treatment: Is to allow you to focus on yourself and gain back your dignity to maintain a sober life. You have support from the safe environment assisting you in how to deal with it. You are then prepared for the next steps of going into the world with the confidence of sobriety. When beginning your journey of recovery, ask yourself, do I want the best chance at getting my life back?

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