The Benefits of Telehealth

The Benefits of Telehealth

In a time of crisis, we want to reach out to those that are close to us to ensure their safety. For those that are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, a crisis such as now can impact their sobriety.

At Framework Recovery, we know that our families and clients need strength during this time.  As it stands, the world around us is shifting to online training, meetings, etc., in order to help lower everyone’s chances of exposure. While this is helpful from the medical side, this greatly impacts those in recovery and trying to maintain their sobriety.

We are offering telehealth for individual and group therapy sessions to assist our clients in reaching their goals of sobriety. We want our clients to feel connected to each other as well as to their clinical team during a time like this. Telehealth allows our clients to continue their treatment while they’re required to “shelter in place.”

The benefit of using this technology like this is it allows clients to still feel connected to a person while participating in therapy. The ability to see the person you are talking to increases the chances of a relationship continuing to develop. This is crucial when a person is working on their sobriety. Recovery is about the people and the relationships you form in order to help support you through rough times, telemedicine, or telehealth, allows for those in recovery to still learn and to continue to grow those relationships.

If you or a loved one needs to participate in our telehealth services, please reach out to our treatment professionals.