What Does Holistic Treatment Methods for Men Look Like?

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What Does Holistic Treatment Methods for Men Look Like?

Holistic treatment methods can be beneficial when implemented with other therapeutic forms in your recovery process. When in outpatient treatment or a sober living home, these skills can assist you in transitioning out of treatment. 

Holistic treatment approaches focus on viewing the individual as a whole. These approaches view all aspects simultaneously rather than individually observing the mind, body, and spirit. By balancing each of these aspects, you can work to improve your overall well-being and reach your goals through recovery.

Holistic Modalities

Many different holistic approaches can be utilized to help you succeed in long-term sobriety maintenance. The following methods are ways to uncover benefits in your recovery success:


Meditation is a useful tool to practice mindfulness and improve self-awareness. Not only does meditating calm down heightened emotions, but it can help give you clear insight into the obstacles you are currently facing. This is a great way to take a step back and look at your situation with a healthy mindset and free from external stressors.

Learning to meditate may sound easy, but meditation takes practice to achieve and receive the full benefits. When implementing meditation, it is essential to be patient with the process. At times, you may feel like you are sitting in silence with no positive outcome. Reaching a state of mindfulness is not easy when first attempting to do so. 

Try to focus all of your energy on the current moment. Think of your five senses. Think in depth about each one and the way your surroundings impact the way you feel. Reaching this state of serenity takes practice but can open your mind to new potential solutions and provide clear guidance when achieved.


Many men fall into the societal stigma that yoga is a meditative practice for women; however, it can be just as beneficial for men to engage. Yoga is an excellent way to stretch your body, get some exercise, and increase the oxygen levels in your blood. 


Deep breathing and awareness of your breathing patterns are excellent ways to cope with stress and anxiety during recovery. As you begin to be presented with additional external factors that may cause heightened levels of stress, you can adjust your breathwork to help bring you to a state of relaxation. Breathwork is a great way to help increase blood flow throughout your body and to help calm your emotions.


Reiki is a Japanese healing method that works through the power of energy. By having a trained individual placing their hand over you, they can transfer specific energies into your body. While there is little scientific evidence and research to back up the efficiency of reiki, it has been shown to help encourage feelings of relaxation. This can be a great way to relieve stress and regain focus.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is based upon the belief that the body functions on a specific frequency and can be altered by the energies around you. This method is very similar to reiki, though it has a stronger focus on removing negative energies to promote the flow of positive energy. Practicing this can help you to feel comfortable within different states of consciousness, improving your sense of self-awareness.

Sound Bath Therapy

Sound bath therapy uses different frequencies and sounds to influence or evoke an emotional state. With practice, you can learn to reach a meditative state through hearing simple frequencies. This is an ideal way to train your mind to relax in stressful situations.

Crystal Therapy

Many crystals and stones are perceived to have specific healing powers associated with them. Different crystals can often promote specific emotions and feelings when in someone’s presence. Having crystals that resonate with your emotions by your bed as you go to sleep or held in your hand during moments of stress can induce a feeling of being grounded. 

Many individuals are skeptical of this practice, while others have had fascinating results. Try surrounding yourself with different crystals and see if you feel the positive energies at work.

Drum Circles

Drum circles have been shown to promote a sense of community and purpose when used through the recovery process. It can also be a great way to help you stay grounded. By putting your stressors and negative energy into music, you can positively release your unhealthy emotions.

Benefits of Holistic Methods

Holistic treatment methods can provide many benefits, especially during the transition from treatment to your everyday life. When leaving treatment and engaging in a sober living home, each of these modalities can be applied to help you through these adjustments. The key benefit of holistic practice is to align the body, the spirit, and the mind. Try out some of these suggestions and see which modality works best for you.